Sunday, August 9, 2009

Steppin' Out and Coffee with the Candidates

Steppin' Out was a lot of fun and it was great meeting and discussing issues with many residents of Blacksburg and those from the surrounding region! I wanted to offer my special thanks to Graham, our campaign field organizer, and to TJ, Jenny and Maroon Man for the tremendous help! Friday's "Bryce Crispy Treats" were a big hit and I imagine more batches will come in the future for all to enjoy. Our recycling can designed by Jenny was in an excellent spot and to those we caught in the act we would offer candy which lead to quite a few smiles! Also my fond thanks goes to the Downtown Merchants of Blacksburg, particularly Laureen Blakemore and Sue Drzal for their outstanding coordination efforts to make the event such a success!

I hope everyone enjoyed Steppin' Out! It was a pleasure to discuss the campaign in detail with many of you and I thank those that have offered to help out with the campaign, we'll certainly be in touch soon!

Campaign Field Organizer Graham Owen and myself holding up a filled recycling can in front of our Steppin' Out Booth.
Also don't forget to come out to the Easy Chair Coffee Shop from 7-9pm THIS THURSDAY to hear me talk about my background experience, speak about details of the campaign and have an open discussion about the issues. Click below to join the Facebook event.

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