Sunday, November 1, 2009

In their own words...

"The Roanoke Times endorsed four excellent candidates. Four others are now posting information together. One other, Bryce Carter, deserves consideration. I’ve known and worked with Bryce since he arrived in Blacksburg. Bryce has become attached to our community. To those who’ve said “Well, he’ll move in a couple of years”, I say that any us may want or have to move. So, that is not a solid argument. Bryce, more than some candidates, has done his homework. If you’ve attended or viewed any of the candidate events, you would have seen Bryce articulating solid answers to questions without vague responses. If he didn’t know an answer, he didn’t “shovel” it. I’ve been impressed with his intensity and his friendly responsive nature. He truly wants transparency in government. Bryce and his dedicated campaign team have attended nearly every Town Council meeting and work session since last spring. He’s taken it to the streets to meet voters and learn about citizen concerns.

I trust Bryce; and I believe that he will help us grow smart, build our economy, protect our resources, and help reflect the demographic balance of our town. Consider him as fresh eyes and new energy on old issues."

- Mike Rosenzweig, Blacksburg Town Councilor

“Bryce Carter represents a new breed of campus leadership -- mature, engaged; hard-working; and, above all, well informed. He outshines candidates twice his age…”

- Leslie Hager-Smith, Blacksburg Town Councilor

"Bryce Carter displays an impressive level of knowledge in both municipal planning and fiscal management. Bryce has the skills and dedication to make Blacksburg an even more Special Place."

- Don Langrehr, Blacksburg Town Councilor

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